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Dr Christina Cobbold
Senior Lecturer of Applied Mathematics (School of Mathematics, Univ. Glasgow)

Research Interests: I am a mathematical biologist with expertise in dynamical systems theory and modelling populations  subject to environmental change. Work on modelling trypansome antigenic variability and diversity has led to an interest in developing meaningful and versatile measures of diversity.

Dr Tom Leinster
Chancellor's Fellow (School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh)

Research Interests: I am interested in the mathematics of diversity. Most especially, I am interested in the question of what makes a particular measure (as opposed to other similar measures) suitable, in terms of the conceptual properties that it satisfies.

Adam Kleczkowski

Professor Adam Kleczkowski
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde

Research Interests: Bio-economic models for ecological and epidemiological applications; modelling spread and control of tree diseases; prediction and control of disease spread on networks; models of social and adaptive networks; classical and Bayesian parameter estimation with applications to epidemiology. 

Dr Jill Thompson
Researcher (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, NERC)

Research Interests: My main research focus is forest regeneration, plant community dynamics and factors that influence plant distribution and biodiversity. Most studies have been carried out in tropical forest and include the effect of human and natural disturbances, investigations of ecosystem processes and plant ecophysiology.

Liam Morrison

Dr Liam Morrison
Royal Society University Research Fellow (Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh)

Research Interests: Identifying and dissecting host-parasite interactions that contribute to disease severity, with a particular focus on African trypanosomes.


Dr Umer Ijaz

NERC Research Fellow (Infrastructure and Environment; School of Engineering, University of Glasgow)

Research Interests: The purpose of my research is to integrate different sources of 'omics data in environmental science for microbial community analysis. 

Dr Richard Orton
Research Associate (Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow)

Research Interests: Quasispecies modelling; Minority variant detection and error correction in NGS analyses; Intra virus diversity and evolution; Inter-host transmission and bottlenecks; Transmission network and disease outbreak analysis; Viral host adaptation; Software development and data visualisation; and Systems biology of cell signalling.


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