Research Centres and Partners

We excel at developing interdisciplinary teams, and work with a broad range of partners within the College, elsewhere in the University and around the world. Some of our local partners include:

External Groups and Partners

The Institute also hosts a number of external research groups and organisations with whom we collaborate:

External partners

Our external partners include the Moredun Research Institute and the Pirbright Institute, with whom we have long standing relationships and share several senior staff appointments. We also have strong research links with many other research organisations both within Scotland (e.g. Marine Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the James Hutton Institute, and MASTS research network) and further afield.

We also participate in the multi-institutional Scottish Government funded centre of expertise for animal disease outbreaks, EPIC (Epidemiology, Population health and Infectious disease Control), the purpose of which is to develop the best available scientific advice to inform government policy on reducing the impact of animal disease outbreaks.

Partners in Africa

A significant portion of our work takes place in sub-Saharan Africa, where we play a leading role in the Wellcome Trust-funded consortium Afrique One, which aims to strengthen and build research capacity, specifically in zoonotic diseases, in African regional institutions. In particular, our partners in Tanzania include:

With these partners we also collaborate with the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, based at Washington State University.