Graduate School Review

All higher education institutions in the UK are individually responsible for the quality of their educational provision.  However, to help ensure that quality is maintained and enhanced throughout the sector the Scottish Funding Council, through the sector’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), has developed and recommended a Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF) for use by all institutions.  This includes:

  • institutional responsibility for quality, incorporated institution-led/self-evaluation and review;
  • external review (by QAA in the Scottish University sector – Enhancement-led institution review (ELIR));
  • student engagement in quality arrangements;
  • information for stakeholders and the public on quality; and
  • the promotion of enhancement, for example through thematic approaches in university strategies.  

The Graduate School Review is similar to the Periodic Subject Review but for PGR / Graduate School matters and forms a key part of the University’s quality assurance activities. The Reviews take place in a repeating 4-year cycle. The Graduate School Review process provides a formal opportunity for a Graduate School to reflect on and critically evaluate its PGR provision and processes relating to its management and to benefit from a constructive dialogue with senior academics from outwith the College.  It is intended to be a positive and constructive activity, supporting Graduate Schools in the enhancement of their provision.

Purpose and Operation of the Review

Review Cycle and Review Reports

Information for Students

Information for Staff

Guidance Notes for the Graduate School Review 23/24