LKAS PhD Scholarships

The LKAS PhD Scholarships will not be recruiting for the 2021/22 academic year. Information on future recruitment will be published during autumn 2021.

Night view of the Clyde Arc & Science Centre tower

The Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith (LKAS) PhD scholarships offer the opportunity for outstanding research students to participate in some of the most exciting areas of research carried out by the University of Glasgow.

We are seeking applications for any collaborative project that aims to address new questions and to develop transformative ideas; this aligns to our other institutional recruitment schemes, which support excellent research done by excellent researchers, without other constraints.

How It Works

The recruitment and selection of candidates for the prestigious LKAS PhD Scholarships is a 2 stage process.

Stage 1 - Research staff from across the University submit project proposals in line with the strategic research aims set out above. From these, 4 are shortlisted from each of the 4 Colleges. Call opens TBC.

Stage 2 - The 16 shortlisted projects are then advertised to prospective students with project teams selecting their preferred candidate. From the projects which have successfully identified a potential candidate, 8 scholarships will be awarded. Applications open from week beginning TBC.