Ultrasurge Themes

Our programme is approaching the subject of utilising ultrasound in surgery through 5 themes. Each theme is led by one of the Investigators at each of the partner universities.

Theme 1: Innovations in ultrasonic devices

Led by Prof Margaret Lucas, at the University of Glasgow, this theme looks at creating miniature ultrasonic transducers and integrated devices that will enable ultrasound to be integrated into flexible robots and act on tissue to both cut and encourage healing.

Theme 2: Cellular responses to ultrasonic excitation

Led by Prof Damien Walmsley, at the University of Birmingham, this theme produces cell culture models that are then  subjected to ultrasonic excitation to study the responses of cells to enable the parameters for cutting and healing to be determined.


Theme 3: Tissue responses to ultrasonic excitation

Led by Prof Hamish Simpson, at the University of Edinburgh, Theme 3 develops surgical models and subsequent testing of cutting in clinical applications.


Theme 4: Multiscale mechanobiology with ultra-high speed imaging

Led by Prof Fabrice Pierron, at the University of Southampton, this theme examines the strain and temperature effects of ultrasonic energy using ultra-high speed imaging, and consequently develops models to feed back into Themes 1 and 3.

Theme 5: Surgical robotics: magnetic tentacle robots

Led by Prof Pietro Valdastri, at the University of Leeds, Theme 5 develops and manufactures continuum robotic manipulators to carry the miniature ultrasound transducers to the surgical site

First published: 22 November 2018