Fieldtrip information

Cosmo 2022 Scotland Fieldtrip

Start at ECCI: 8am Friday 10 June 2022

Travel by coach to Rannoch Moor, western Scotland. On the way we will travel through areas of hummocky moraine, a classic Scottish glacial landform

10:15 – comfort stop at The Green Wellie, Tyndrum (10:30)

11:00 – start walk to Ralston Cairn for the view and discussion about sampling

12:30 – Lunch near Kingshouse Hotel

13:30 – Discussion about production rates

17:00 – Return to ECCI

The walks are on well-made paths except for 200 metres cross country (includes boulder hopping across a stream). So far everyone I have seen going across has stayed dry.

Fig. 1 The maximal glacial limits of the Loch Lomond (‘Younger Dryas’) Readvance in mainland Scotland and the Inner Hebrides (after Lowe et al. 2019).

The deglaciation age of Rannoch Moor has recently been debated (Bromley et al. 2014; Small and Fabel, 2016a, 2016b; Bromley et al 2016) because of the interpretation of radiocarbon ages published in Bromley et al. 2014. Putnam et al. (2019) used the controversial independent age control to establish a new 10Be production rate calibration data set. Lowe et al (2019) collected more cores from Rannoch Moor and present radiocarbon ages which support the previous understanding of the deglaciation age, while Palmer et al. (2020) tie the deglaciation history to the Lochaber Master Varve Chronology 2019.

There will be plenty to discuss…



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