Diamond electronics for space-based operation and exploration

We want to contribute to the next generation of satellite based communications and to address the requirements of future electronic component operation within the harsh environmental conditions of space.

Research into a solid-state based electronics solution continues to gain momentum as demand for such a technology increases. Meeting the performance and operation criteria for this technology however requires a unique material system that itself possesses a range of extreme physical properties.

Our approach

Such a solid state based electronics solution must be established using a material that will satisfy both the current and foreseeable future performance requirements in terms of high frequency and high power operation.

This must be combined with guaranteed long term reliable operation across the large temperature range and radiation intensive environments such components will be exposed to.

Of all the currently manufacturable semiconductor material systems available today, diamond remains a unique potential solution to this growing issue due to its unrivalled thermal conductivity, radiation hardness and high frequency/power performance potential.

Why is this research important?

The European Space Agency has indentified the incorporation of solid-state based electronics as critical for future space based missions and satellite communications.

The impact of the development of a suitable technology such as diamond would therefore result in a crucial enabling capability for future explorative space missions but also “next generation” consumer services via advanced telecommunication capabilities in satellites


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