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Group coordinators

Professor Bridgette Wessels

Professor Bridgette Wessels

Sociology of inequalities and digital change

Research interests: Digital society, social media, telehealth, e-services, digital & data inequalities, participation and audiences, gender & technologies

Professor Andrew Hoskins

Professor Andrew Hoskins

Memory, media and security

Research interests: Digital memory & forgetting, digital war, anonymity, privacy & security, risk & hyperconnectivity, digital compassion & outrage, organisational memory

Dr Catherine Happer, University of Glasgow Media Group

Dr Catherine Happer

Digital media, communications and journalism

Research interests: public trust, digital content production & moderation, audiences, environment, climate change

Dr Lavinia Hirsu

Applied Linguistics, Composition and English as a Foreign Language

Research Interests: My areas of research include rhetorical studies (in contexts of flux and/or crisis), digital literacies, translanguaging and linguistic inclusion, academic writing, and theories of cultural diversity and social inclusion.

Dr Mark Wong

Social and Public Policy

Research interests: Hidden youth, digital society, digital age, social media, online networks, algorithms, AI, youth, inequality, precarity, marginalised youth, digital change, big data, data science, Social Network Analysis, network visualisation, social policy, Hong Kong, Scotland. 

Dr Dominic Chalmers 

Entrepreneurship and Management 

Research interests: Entrepreneurship, Development, Political Economy, Platforms & digital entrepreneurship, Social innovation and institutions, Research methods. 

Profile image of Bishakha Chaudhury

Bishakha Chaudhury

Knowledge Exchange Associate

Role summary: Liaising between the Social Digital Change Group and the Impact Acceleration and Research Development team, generating new contacts, projects and funding opportunities, facilitating knowledge exchange events, enhancing digital presence and reaching wider audiences

Group members