Educational Equality: Pathways to Success

The book ‘Educational Equity: Pathways to Success’, edited by Professors Christopher Chapman and Mel Ainscow, explores the extensive research carried out by the Network for Social and Educational Equity (NSEE) team at the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Equity at the University of Glasgow to address the educational agenda challenge. The book argues for greater flexibility at the local level so that educational practitioners have the space to analyse their particular circumstances and determine priorities accordingly.

The focus of this research has been on finding more effective ways to improve outcomes for all children and young people, particularly those from economically poorer backgrounds. This has involved work with schools and their communities, as well as with local authority colleagues.

Efforts of improvements to the educational system

The research was carried out in Scotland during a period of massive efforts to improve the national education system from 2012 onwards. Through that period, the research team had unique opportunities to engage with policy makers and practitioners at all levels, from ministers and senior government officials, through to classrooms.

The research led them to conclude that, despite a serious commitment to enhancing equity and a huge range of well-intentioned initiatives, children from poorer backgrounds are far less likely to achieve the same educational outcomes as those from more affluent families.