Exhibition - Beyond Development: Local Visions of Global Poverty

Poverty is a daily reality for nearly half the world but, despite being a prevailing part of our global condition, poverty is often made invisible. On the one hand, poverty is the product of the forces of colonialism, capitalization, and ‘modernization’, driven by Western society, on the other hand, the existence of poverty is seen as undermining the positive narration of the world imagined by that same Western society.

‘Beyond Development: Local Visions of Global Poverty’ brings poverty into focus exploring it from the perspectives of marginalised communities around the world. Through three new commissioned short movies by Luna Marán, Keyti, and Stuart Platt, the exhibition will provide a powerful insight into indigenous communities in Mexico, urban groups in Senegal, and grassroots activists fighting poverty in Glasgow showing how they critique the value systems of capitalism that have manufactured poverty, and how people have formed communities to create spaces both within and outside cities to resist impoverishment.

  • Project Head: Julia McClure
  • Curated by: Tommaso Ranfagni

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First Roundtable

Second Roundtable