New JWNC Users

If you wish to use the JWNC then there are a number of steps you must take. We take safety very seriously within the JWNC as there are many hazards such as process chemicals and gasses used for plasma processing.

A description of the new user induction process that leads you through all the steps is located on the JWNC’s internal site – JWNC Wiki. This is where your journey properly starts. In order to access the Wiki site you must either be on university premises or connected to the University VPN. 

In summary, the key steps are:

  1. Log onto the Internal JWNC web site (called the JWNC Wiki) using the link above and complete your profile.
  2. From here you can navigate to the new user help pages
  3. Read the safety material and watch some related video
  4. Complete the quiz which will test whether you have understood the material.
  5. On successfully completing the quiz, arrange to meet up with a member of the induction team who will show you around the cleanrooms and again test your knowledge of various safety protocols.
  6. You are now a JWNC User with permission to enter the cleanrooms unaccompanied – but you can’t yet do anything!
  7. Next you will receive traning on the relevant equipment and processes. This is essential before you can work solo within the facility.
  8. Once this training is complete, you are a fully trained JWNC user.

Note that all users of the JWNC are required to attend the weekly user meeting where amongst other things, safety protocol updates and equipment status information are discussed.