Multi-level Policy-Making and Migrant Integration in Britain

Researcher: Dr Gareth Mulvey

The Project

This is a comparative research project that seeks to uncover the interplay between policy and integration in different parts of the United Kingdom. All four constituent parts of the UK are included and local and sub-national policy initiatives, as well as UK ones, will be examined both individually and comparatively in an attempt to uncover what policy exists and what its aims are. Interviews with policy-makers at all levels of Government will be conducted as part of this.

Policy analysis will then be related to the experiences of diverse migrant communities across four UK cities, first through the issuing of a questionnaire that broadly reflects the ‘Indicators of Integration’ framework. The interlinked areas of employment, health, education, housing, communities as well as issues around social capital are looked at and allow for statistical analysis of what is working well for migrants and where some of the gaps are. This statistical work will then be used to frame the qualitative part of the research where semi-structured interviews with a selection of questionnaire participants will be conducted to examine some of these issues in more depth.

Research findings are intended to be of use to voluntary and statutory organisations, highlighting the experiences of migrants as well as analysis of policy success, where this can be ascertained. This will develop the knowledge base of all bodies with a role in any of these policy areas and help with planning and further policy development.

The questionnaire will distributed as widely as possible in Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool and Cardiff. A copy of the questionnaire is available here:

Questionnaire - Glasgow

Questionnaire - Belfast

Questionnaire - Liverpool

Questionnaire - Cardiff

If you would like a copy in French, Arabic, Farsi, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Slovak, Mandarin or Urdu you can email me and I will send you one.‌

If you feel you would like to be involved, or if you would like to know more about the study, you can contact Dr Gareth Mulvey on 0141 330 4065 or