Lessons for Scottish academics on working with policy-makers on immigration and related issues

Funded by:  Carnegie Trust

Project lead: Chris Gilligan

Senior Lecturer, Politics, Social Policy and Sociology Division School of Social Sciences
University of the West of Scotland (UWS) Paisley & Hamilton Campuses  
Contact details: http://westscotland.academia.edu/ChrisGilligan

Brief summary and rationale:

Following the referendum for independence, Scotland is negotiating further devolved powers with Westminster, and this debate includes the topic of immigration policy (currently a power reserved to Westminster).  Following this negotiation, the Scottish Government is likely to look to academics for more input into immigration and related policy in future.

This project aims to assist this process through carrying out an investigation of academic/policy-maker interactions in Spain, a country with devolved parliaments and institutionalised links between academics and policy-makers working in the field of immigration.

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