Videos and films

GRAMNet at Refugee Festival Scotland

This film, made by GRAMNet's RFS intern, Sadie Ryan, along with the University of Glasgow's Communications Team, shows the breadth of activity which makes up GRAMNet and its partners' contribution to Refugee Festival Scotland.

GRAMNet at Refugee Festival Scotland








The experience of interpreters taking part in supervision

Interpreters often hear and relay distressing and heart-rending stories. How they do so can make a critical difference to clients' lives. They manage pressure, which comes from all participants in the interpreter-mediated encounter. But they have few outlets for the emotional impact this can have on them. This is why regular clinical supervision for all interpreters who work in sensitive contexts is a necessity and not a luxury.

Supervision for Interpreters

This film by Mothertongue gives a space to interpreters to share their experiences of supervision groups and why they prioritise them despite many other competing claims on their time.




Interpreting in Health Care: resources for practitioners, interpreters and service users

These 5 films have been developed directly from the experiences of health care practitioners, interpreters and migrant service users. They provide an opportunity to engage with the complex realities of intercultural communication in practice.

Informal DisclosuresWhen Family Members InterpretTensions Between Personal and Professional BoundariesEncountering Awkward Characters 






















GRAMNet on Mull

Mull Photodocumentary

An inspiring photodocumentary by Matt Smith and Giuliana Tiripelli on the 4-day GRAMNet workshop, 'Vulnerability and Self-Care in Postgraduate Research', held on Mull in May 2013.


Lifelong learning in Palestine from Stuart Platt on Vimeo.


GRAMNet Conference 2012 Keynote Address: “The Power, Potential & Limits of Inclusive Scotland” from GRAMNet on Vimeo.


GRAMNet Conference 2012 Closing Address from GRAMNet on Vimeo.


GRAMNet Seminar - A Question of Status: Palestinian Statehood, UN Membership, and Their Implications from stuart Platt on Vimeo.


Scottish Voices: a video response to the UKBA consultations on Settlement and Family Migration
Migrants, migrant community organisations, trade unions and leading academics from across Scotland have much to say on immigration policy changes currently proposed by the UK government.  This short film gathers their voices, all sending the same message to the UK government: NO to the changes in immigration rules as set out in the consultation papers!  Created by Migrants Rights Scotland


Camcorder Guerillas

GRAMNet: Making connections from Katja Frimberger on Vimeo.