Exhibition: Colouring Outside the Lines

In April 2021, we hosted "Colouring Outside the Lines" a virtual art exhibition from the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts (UNESCO RILA) at the University of Glasgow.

Colouring Outside the Lines showcased over 70 pieces from all 23 members of the UNESCO RILA Affiliate Artist Network. Since 2017, this network has brought together global artists, who work with and reflect on the role Arts and Languages play in bringing people together and strengthening social cohesion. 

In paintings, photographs, videos, audio, poetry, music and 3D installations, the artists offer their perspectives on migration, integration and identity in a globalised world.

At the heart of Colouring outside the lines were three collaborative works, commissioned by UNESCO RILA. These artworks are specifically designed to stimulate critical reflection on our understanding of refugee integration through languages and the arts. Viewers were invited to step into their space and challenged to imagine what an interconnected and more hospitable world could look like.

Flyer for exhibition

First published: 20 April 2021