Developing projects

GRAMNet is happy to facilitate the development of new research projects and proposals in the field. As we believe that it is important to engage in careful work to develop relationships with any research subjects, and to carefully consider methodologies to be used, we offer regular 'drop in' sessions for those wishing to develop projects and seeking to work with the network and its many partners. We are also concerned that some issues have been subject to considerable research attention already and that our partners are often keen to develop research in areas which have a direct benefit for themselves. We involve our GRAMNet Conveners and Advisory Board Members in drop ins to enable the development of projects in this spirit but we are neither a funding body nor can we distribute surveys or arrange meetings with research subjects ourselves."

We suggest you book in for one of our drop in or funding sessions and that you send details of your project to in advance so we can think about the kinds of questions and contacts, where appropriate.

If you are an artist looking to work with the refugee and asylum seeker community but are not part of that community, you may find it helpful to consider the issues listed on the RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees website.