ISA/APSA/IPSA Conference 2012 - Protecting Human Rights: Duties and Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors

This conference examined the wide range of human rights duties and responsibilities accruing to state and non-state actors.  It was significantly multidisciplinary in character, being open to legal, philosophical, political, sociological and other perspectives.

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GCID Student event:  BaFa’BaFa’

Tuesday 31st January 2012, 10am-1pm, University of Glasgow Senate Room

Is something being lost in translation?

Part of the appeal of overseas travel is being able to immerse yourself in a completely different culture.  While this is exciting, it can also be challenging, as you get to grips with different ways of doing things.

This interactive workshop explores issues around cultural difference and will make you more aware of the assumptions you are making and how your own values and culture shape how you interact with others.  We’ll look at how stereotypes are developed; creating barriers and misunderstandings which can lead to people feeling alienated, offended or confused. This workshop will help you to consider ways in which you can understand a new culture and celebrate its differences to your own.

This workshop is ideal for anyone who:

  • is preparing for fieldwork or an overseas project
  • has an interest in international development
  • wants to understand how they can work more effectively with the diverse cultures represented throughout the University or the City of Glasgow.

How to sign up - important information!

  1. REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL: If you do not register you cannot attend. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please register for a place using the link below by Friday 20 January 2012.
  2. This workshop is open to current University of Glasgow undergraduate and postgraduate students (taught or research) only.   
  3. The number of places is restricted to 40 - Please clearly state your reasons for wishing to attend during registration.  
  4. Automatic confirmation of your registration will be sent by the registration website.  However, your place is NOT CONFIRMED until you are sent a separate confirmation email by Lauren Roberts (

Register now!   
If places remain after 20 January we will open registration to students from other Universities. 

Please note that the nature of the workshop means we need to know the number of attendees.  Therefore, if you find you are unable to attend, please cancel your booking.  Feel free to circulate this notice to any University of Glasgow students that might be interested. 

Download: 120131 BaFa'BaFa' Flyer

This event is supported by the Glasgow Centre for International Development (GCID)

Conference: Human Rights Education & Active Citizenship: The Case for Scotland

27th October 2011, City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DU

Background information:
Second Phase of UN World Programme for Human Rights Education (UNWPHRE) (2010 – 2014)

We are currently in the second phase of the UN World Programme for Human Rights Education. The draft plan of action for this was prepared and subsequently finalised by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OUNHCHR) in July 2010.

The second phase action plan calls for Member States to focus on human rights education and training for staff involved in higher education, for teachers and educators, civil servants, law enforcement officials and military personnel. Governments are asked to report on their progress regarding this action plan and the Scottish Government’s initial response to this was given in April 2010.

It was clear from the Scottish Government’s response to the OUNHCHR that some progress has been made in Scotland with regards to Human Rights Education; however there is still much work to be done with regard to raising awareness of HRE and in making HRE more explicit both in policy and in practice.

The conference on Human Rights Education on 27th October, organised by BEMIS and a range of key partners, including SCCYP, SHRC, Amnesty International, UNESCO UK, Education Scotland , SCOJEC and the IDEAS Network,  will highlight our responsibilities under the UNWPHRE and demonstrate how the statutory and voluntary sectors can work in partnership to offer opportunities for those involved in government, education and training and civil society to consider how best to support the Scottish Government in taking forward the second phase action plan.

As a legacy of this conference BEMIS will propose that a working group be formed to begin negotiations with the Scottish Government on how best to take this important work forward. There is much work and a number of initiatives already under way in Scotland that could contribute significantly to the implementation of the WPHRE and BEMIS would like to propose that a Cross Party Working Group on Human Rights Education be formed to allow Scotland to best meet the opportunities and challenges of this action plan and also to support the Scottish Government’s wider aim of creating a modern, inclusive Scotland that respects the rights of all its people while raising awareness of their responsibilities.


Document 9 - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival: 2011 A Year of Protest

For full details please download: Document 9 Brochure   or visit the website: