Postdoctoral researchers

PhD Students

Christophe-Alexandre Chalons

Christophe is a 2nd year PhD student with a background in civil engineering and mathematics. He is working on computational modelling of nonlinear problems with a particular interest in plasticity and fracture mechanics. He is also member of the team developing MoFEM at the University of Glasgow which is Finite Element open source code that can handle multi-field modelisation.


Ross Williams

Ross graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2017 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His interests lie at the intersection of continuum mechanics and computational materials science. These interests, coupled with an interest in the aerospace sector, were behind the decision to pursue a PhD, modelling the inertia friction welding process of nickel-based superalloys at both the macroscale (from a process modelling perspective using Abaqus), and the mesoscale (with non-isothermal phase field modelling accounting for multiple grains, phases, and components using MOOSE).


Abdurrahim Mohsen Essayah

Abdurrahim is doing PhD in civil engineering. He is currently using DEM modeling to study the mechanical behaviour of granular materials. 


Callum Runcie

Callum is a PhD student with a background in mechanical engineering and computational mechanics. His project is on developing a new solid dynamics solver for large strain contact mechanics by utilising a first order conservation law framework. His research interests include multi-physics and large strain solid dynamic problems.

Ismail Aldellaa

Ismail is a first-year PhD student with a background in Civil and Structural Engineering. He is working on corrosion induced cracking in reinforced concrete.

Hongjian Cai

Hongjian is a 2nd year PhD student with a background of civil engineering and transportation engineering. He is working on constitutive modeling of fine-grained soils containing gas bubbles. His project involves developing a constitutive model to describe the mechanical behaviour of gassy soils, experimental study in double cell apparatus and relevant research about finite element method.

Mian Huang 

Mian is a 3rd Year PhD student working on constitutive modelling of fibre-reinforced sand. His research includes both experimental tests and constitutive modelling. The new model he has developed with Dr Zhiwei Gao can be readily extended to the multi-axial stress space. He has submitted one paper to Acta Geotechnica.


Adriana Kulikova

Adriana is a 1st year PhD student with a background in Civil and Structural Engineering. She is working on data-driven computational modelling of fracture of nuclear graphite bricks.


Eloi Martinez-Rabert

Eloi Martinez-Rabert is a 2nd year PhD student with a background in Chemical Engineering. He is working with Individual-based Models to describe the growth of populations of microorganisms participating in the natural nitrogen cycle. Developing these models, he aims to understand microbial interactions between different populations and the spatial structures they form.

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Xiaowei Liu


Ifiok Ekop

Ifiok obtained his BSc in Building from the University of Uyo, and his MSc in Construction Technology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He started his PhD in 2020 in the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on strengthening and repairing concrete structures with (carbon) fibre reinforced polymers. Google scholar: ORCID:

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Josh Gorham

Joshua Gorham, having completed his Meng in civil engineering at the University of Glasgow is now pursuing a PhD working with MOFEM. He is looking into modelling the effects of gas bubbles in offshore soils through finite element modelling.

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Richard Olley

Richard is a PhD student with a background in Civil Engineering. He is working on modelling macrosegregation during the ingot casting of small modular reactor pressure vessels using MoFEM.

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Tymon Herzyk

Tymon is a 1st year PhD student that has recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with a MEng in Aeronautical Engineering. After undertaking his masters project with a wastewater biotechnology company in California, he has gained a keen interest into microbiology and wastewater treatment. He has decided to continue within this field by undertaking a PhD exploring low-cost ways to engineer anaerobic communities, to enhance the operation of rural septic tanks. 

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Jake Thompson

Jake is a 1st year PhD student with a background in computational chemistry. He is working to develop a novel and sustainable route for the synthesis of ammonia fixing atmospheric nitrogen. For doing this, he will be working on modelling of Molybdenum nitrogenase enzymes.

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Jude Mohamed Osman Hussain

Jude received her MEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Glasgow in 2020. Her project involves development of representative artery models for stent durability assessment. In addition, she aims to capture the variation of arterial mechanics with age by employing a Bayesian approach to constitutive model selection and material parameter identification.

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Gumaa Abdelrhim 


Zhou Chao


Masoud Ahmadi

Masoud started his PhD from Jan 2021 at the University of Glasgow. His preferred research topics mostly involve FE modelling of different materials such as Nanocomposites and Biomaterials. Currently, he is working on computational mechanics of soft materials with multi-physics coupling as his PhD thesis. His field of interests include Fluid-Structural Interaction, Li-Ion Batteries, Phase-Field Model, Optimization algorithms and Machine Learning.

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Davood Shahsavari 

Davood started his PhD in Sep 2021 at the University of Glasgow. His research interests are analytical and computational solid mechanics; mechanics of soft solids; nano mechanics; continuous structures such as beam, plates, and shells; and composite structures.

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Marcell Illyes

After having attained an Meng in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow, Marcell joined the GCEC as a PhD student in 2021. His current work includes applying machine learning techniques for model discovery and feature extraction in cardiovascular structures.


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Claire Rosnel

Claire graduated from the University of Strasbourg with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She is a first-year PhD student and a member of the Computational Biomechanics Research Group. She is working on the characterization of biomechanical properties of the aorta using image-based modeling. Her project focuses on growth and remodeling of the aortic root in the context of the Marfan syndrome. 

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Previous members

  • Dr. Martin Ruess (now Professor at University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf)
  • Dr. Robert Simpson (now Development Engineer at Petroleum Experts)
  • Dr. Pradeep Keshavanarayana (now Space Structures Engineer at Agnikul,)
  • Dr. Heleen Fehervary (now Postdoctoral Researcher at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
  • Dr. Hoang Nguyen (now Lecturer at Northumbria University)
  • Dr. Zhaowei Liu (now Lecturer at Hohai University)
  • Dr. Peter Mortensen (now Analyst at Airfinity)