About us

‌Vision: A world-leading CE centre
Mission: To foster a community of people who learn, train, and work together on the discovery, implementation, and application of ground-breaking computational solutions to relevant engineering challenges

Computational Engineering (CE) delivers sophisticated modelling and simulation tools to predict the behaviour of complex, real-world systems. CE has a pervasive impact on engineering design and discovery-led scientific research. It is now acknowledged to be the “third leg” of scientific inquiry, alongside experiment and theory.

GCEC is an EPSRC-supported research centre based at the University of Glasgow. GCEC provides a coherent focus and point of interaction for fundamental and applied research in computational engineering.


The objectives of GCEC are to

  1. deliver solutions for industrial challenges of strategic importance
  2. lower barriers to adoption of quality open-source tools
  3. foster expertise through training in computational engineering
  4. highlight the importance of computational engineering in science and society