Joint Masters programme

The University of Glasgow and The University of the West Indies will be jointly offering a Masters Programme in Reparatory Justice.

There is a long history in human societies where attention has been paid to righting wrongs, and of creating forms of justice in which a new ground is set for society. This has not happened on a global scale in regard to the over 400 years of the European colonial project and its consequences.  As an international interdisciplinary Masters, this programme, the first of its kind, is designed to attract students from across the globe with varying disciplinary backgrounds and in-the-field experience.

The programme offers cutting-edge courses from The UWI, UoG and Brown University (affiliated university). The MSc/MA Reparatory Justice Programme includes courses that have a historical basis and connection with present day realities as the primary content to intentionally facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the demand for reparations justice.

With many grassroot activists participating in the fight for reparations justice, it is important to broaden the access to information to them and allow for their certification in the field.

Students will complete the programme in 1 year on a full time or 2 years on a part time basis, while registered either at The University of the West Indies or at University of Glasgow and in the future, possibly at other participating universities.

This postgraduate programme will be the first like it in the world, and it has several unique features:

  1. The partnership between UWI and Glasgow which is broad-based and organised around three pillars, teaching, research and education.
  2. An interdisciplinary approach to reparative justice, rooted in historical training and methods, but with a focus on contemporary movements and issues.
  3. An emphasis on methods across the spectrum, from archival research to policy work.
  4. A collaboration with research centres in Europe, the Americas and Africa to create a uniquely international learning experience.