Joining eSharp

Joining eSharp

eSharp is an ongoing project with a number of editors drawn from the graduate community in the Graduate Schools of College of Art & Humanities and College of Social Sciences. We are always happy to welcome new editors to the Editorial Board.

No previous experience is necessary.  You can only give as much of your time as you want; we don't pressure anyone into anything, and we all treat our own research as priority. If you're interested, drop us a quick email at and one of the current board members will get in touch for an informal chat in person or by email about what it involves, what you can get out of it and so on.

Why should I bother?

Because it was developed as a gateway to academic research and publication, eSharp encourages postgraduates towards academic publishing, and develops their skills and employability by getting involved with the running of a journal. From a strategic point of view, there are few better ways to know how to publish your own research than being involved in the publishing process yourself! You might also want, after a year or so's worth of experience, to edit a journal issue or book review issue whose theme is directly related to your research.

Who are you people?

We're not some bunch of soulless publishing robots who don't care about our PhDs, but a friendly and cheerful group who are keen to get important and useful experience on our CVs alongside the usual research skills - and who enjoy a solid relationship with the wider academic world beyond our own fields. Tangible skills which people have gained from being on the Editorial Board include experience in editing, website design, project management, budget management, writing a call for papers, delivering training workshops, event management, peer-reviewing, negotiation, presentation skills, time management, people management and conference organisation; not to mention flexibility, open-mindedness, and a sense of initiative. And we enjoy some coffee/tea/beer/wine from time to time with people who aren't in our fields and who can chat about things which don't involve our PhD or Masters' research.

If that sounds like something you think you might be interested in, contact us at and see for yourself!  In the meantime, if you would like more information, you can read our HandbookV1.