Issue‌ 22 (Spring 2014): Dialogue Across Decades

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Welcome to the twenty-second issue of eSharp. Its launch coincides with the publication of the thirteenth issue of The Kelvingrove Review, University of Glasgow’s interdisciplinary postgraduate book review journal. Marking the 10th anniversary of eSharp, we chose the theme ‘Dialogue Across Decades’, which was shared by both journals. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, a conference was held in The University of Glasgow, which explored publishing in Scotland in the 21st century. Speakers included: Professor Claire Squires, Gordon Johnston, Nick-e Melville, Katie Grant, Zoe Strachan, Alistair Braidwood, Adrian Searle, Marion Sinclair, Neville Moir and Dr. Marc Alexander.

Lead editors: Mary Jacobs, Elina Koristashevskaya, Emily Flaherty


Layne, Mary Kristen 

An Ecology of Invasion:  The Environmental Effects of California’s Missions

eSharp22 - 1
Meyer, Josephin V. 

The Rise of British TV Formats: An exploration of the British Predominance in Format Trade through the Positioning of British Non-fictional Entertainment Formats in the German Television Market

eSharp22 - 2
O’Brien, Michael

A Post-Lacanian and Postmodern  Interaction with the Utopian Project of  Modernity: Ideology and Power in Brave New World

eSharp22 - 3
Robinson, David

Basic Colours in the Bible

eSharp22 - 4
Walton, Nicholas  How is the character of contemporary economic development in China illuminated by recent collective labour experience? eSharp22 - 5
 Parrish, Janneke

How to build a nation: examining the role of truth commissions in transitional societies

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First published: 27 May 2014