Social media as a research tool: Our network

Are you looking for inexpensive ways to get access to research participants from across the world, incl. hard-to-reach populations? 

As DEMED researchers, we conduct online surveys in multiple countries across the world, and we use Meta paid advertisements to recruit participants for these surveys. Given the increasing interest among scholars in these tools, we have started a network of researchers using these tools. Our mailing list connects more than 1000 researchers, including experienced scholars who have already made a mark in this area as well as many novices from around the world. 

Here is how you can benefit from this network: 

1. Follow ongoing research: We will collect and share ongoing methodological or applied research by members of this network. So if you have any working papers or publications on the use of social media for research purposes, please let us know and we will circulate these as well as list them on our web page. 

2. Ask questions: Do you have a question or problem when using Facebook in your own research, please send us an email, which we can then circulate among the network. 

3. Organise future events: We are planning to continue organizing webinars, in which experienced practitioners will share their experiences with others. If you have an idea for a 1h session, which you would like to cover, please let us know. 

Below you can find links to our webinar series and additional resources.