Local and systemic functions of the adult intestine in health and disease

Research in my laboratory is devoted to understanding how intestinal stem cells (ISCs) adapt and respond to changes in their micro and macro-environment, how the intestine senses and controls whole-body homeostasis and how intestinal dysfunction can lead to broader organismal instability. We use the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a primary research model system due to its unparalleled genetic power and amenability for multi-organ in vivo studies combined with experiments in mammalian systems.

Selected publications

Research publications, last five years (*Co-First; 1Corresponding).

- Perochon, J., Aughey, G.N., Southall, T.D., and Cordero, J.B1. Dynamic adult tracheal plasticity drives stem cell adaptation to changes in intestinal homeostasis. Nat Cell Biol (in press)

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-Parvy JP1, Yu Y, Dostalova A, Kondo S, Kurjan A, Bulet P, Lemaitre B, Vidal M, Cordero JB1. The antimicrobial peptide Defensin cooperates with Tumour Necrosis Factor to drive tumour cell death in Drosophila. eLife. 2019 Jul 30;8. pii: e45061. doi: 10.7554/eLife.45061. Recommended by the Faculty of 1000.

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 -Scopelliti A1, Bauer C, Cordero J1 and Vidal M. Bursicon-α subunit modulates dLGR2 activity in the adult Drosophila melanogaster midgut independently to Bursicon-β. Cell Cycle. 2016 Jun 17;15(12):1538-44.

Invited Review and pre-view articles (last five years):

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