About Cogito

COGITO, founded in 2018 by J. Adam Carter, Christoph Kelp and Mona Simion, is a Glasgow-based Epistemology Research Group aimed at facilitating the creation and dissemination of first-rate work in contemporary analytic epistemology. Our membership includes core Philosophy faculty and PhD students working on epistemology-themed topics at Glasgow; beyond Glasgow we are affiliated internationally with the Social Epistemology NetworkEuropean Normativity NetworkEuropean Epistemology Network, and the ConceptLab.

COGITO regularly hosts major international epistemology events, holds an ongoing epistemology speaker series, and has a thriving epistemology PhD community, with students currently writing dissertations on such topics as knowledge-first epistemology, epistemology of emotions, epistemic injustice, social and collective epistemology, and epistemic vice and blame. We also regularly host visiting researchers and PhD students (contact us if you are interested in a visit).

COGITO’s principal areas of research are: social epistemology; virtue epistemology; knowledge-first epistemology;  epistemic normativity; epistemology of emotions; epistemology of perception moral and political epistemology; feminist epistemology; semantics of knowledge attributions.

Steering committee

photo of Adam Carter: headshot of a young white man with voluminous short brown hair dressed in a collared shirt under a pullover. He is half-seriously smirking against lush greenery in the background

 ​J. ADAM CARTER  ​(director)
virtue epistemology, epistemic normativity, knowledge how, extended and collective epistemology

photo of Christopher Kelp: headshot of a man with thick mid-length black beard and mid-legth black hair, in big round glasses, smiling against a neutral backdrop

​knowledge first epistemology, virtue epistemology, epistemic normativity, understanding

photo of Mona Simion: headshot of a middle-aged woman with elegant black hair parted and swept to one side, striking eye makeup, in a red and black top, smiling at the camera. Background non-specific

epistemic normativity, knowledge first epistemology, social epistemology, feminist epistemology


photo of Michael Brady: tight black-and-white headshot of a middle-aged man with short dark hair and strong facial muscles, caught mid-sentence looking away from the camera ​MICHAEL BRADY
epistemology of emotions, virtue epistemology, epistemic value
photo of Derek Brown: headshot of a balding middle-aged man with brown hair at the back of his head, wearing square glasses and a grey shirt, smiling against a neutral background DEREK BROWN
​epistemology of perception
 photo of Ben Colburn: headshot of an older balding white man with glasses and short facial hair, in a hoody. Wild scottish scsnery and overcast sky in the background BEN COLBURN
knowledge and disagreement in politics, concept- and theory-choice in political philosophy
photo of Jennifer Corns: headshot of a middle-aged white woman with long brown hair swept over one of her shoulders, in a white pullover, smiling, against a yellow wall JENNIFER CORNS
epistemology of emotions, epistemology of affect, agency
black-and-white photo of Robert Cowan: headshot of a white young man with big curly hair and short facial hair, in a white open collared shirt under a black blazer. Background seems to be that of a classroom ROBERT COWAN
​moral epistemology, epistemology of perception, cognitive penetration
 photo of Fiona Macpherson: headshot of a younger white woman with long brown hair, a black choker and black blouse, smiling against the backdrop of a full bookshelf FIONA MACPHERSON
perception, imagination, cognitive penetration, disjunctivism
 photo of Neil McDonnell: headshot of a young man with dark brown hair and short facial hair, wearing glasses and a wide-open collared shirt, smiling against the background of a sandstone wall. NEIL MCDONNELL
​causation, epistemology of technology, epistemology of virtual reality, epistemology of safety
photo of Glen Pettigrove: toght headshot of older man with elegantly swept grey hair and big round glasses, with a wide smile with dimples. Backdrop is lush outdoors ​GLEN PETTIGROVE
virtue epistemology, moral epistemology, blame and forgiveness, Hume

Research students

photo of Eilidh Harrison: tight headshot of a young white woman with long curly brown hair swept by the wind, in a black shirt EILIDH HARRISON
​epistemology of emotions, virtue epistemology, epistemic situationism
Photo of Daniella Meehan: close headshot of a young white woman with long red hair and a small kakhi hat against a dark outdoors background ​DANIELLA MEEHAN
Epistemic injustice, epistemic blame, virtue epistemology
photo of Maria Mendez: headshot of a young hispanic woman with black hair gathered to the back, big golden earring and voluminous shawl around her neck. She is smiling against the background of a cityscape MARIA PIA MENDEZ MATELUNA
​​political epistemology
photo of Martin Miragoli: profile headshot of a younger white man with voluminous curly dark hair, glasses and very short facial hair in a dark blue t-shirt. Background is urban ​MARTIN MIRAGOLI
Extended epistemology, collective epistemology, fallibilism
photo of Dario Mortini: a young hispanic man with long straight dark hair and mid-length dark beard and mustache, raising his hand to his chin. He is wearing a dark/blue shirt, against a domestic background DARIO MORTINI
​Knowledge first epistemology, collective episteology, analysis of knowledge
photo of Daniela Rusu: headshot of a young white woman with long hair ranging from brown to dark blonde, dressed in a light blue shirt, confidently smiling against a white wooden background. ​DANIELA RUSU
​feminist epistemology, virtue epistemology