Expression Evaluation in Python

A test of expression evaluation was developed by Jack Parkinson to relate to spatial skills. The research describing the development and application of this test can be found in Relating Spatial Skills and Expression Evaluation published at UKICER '20. Click the link below to download and view the test.

Test of Expression Evaluation in Python

The test was developed to be taken alongside the Revised PSVT:R, developed by Yoon. The test of expression evaluation was designed to replecate the Revised PSVT:R in style and structure, to be taken in the same timeframe with the same number of questions. Designing the test like this allowed it to be made comparable to the Revised PSVT:R, streamlining delivery and analysis.

There was found to be a significant, medium-positive correlation between scores in the two tests in a group of first-year students, which grew stronger when considering only those with less programming experience (who had self-allocated into CS0 rather than CS1). This indicates that spatial ability correlates with a core element of programming in an isolated, descrete context, particularly in cases where the students have less domain-specific skills to rely on.