CCSE Festival Day 3: Campsie Glen

On the third day of the CCSE Festival, discussions from the many talks on previous days continued all morning, with several planned meetings and just as many serendipidous chats over coffees. From late-morning, the CCSE and all visiting speakers and guests then travelled to Campsie Glen to hike in Cort-ma Law and climb the Campsie Fells. It was a blustery day and cold at the top, but clear skies and clean air boasted wonderful views from the top of the Fells.

A collage of three images of CCSE members at Campsie Glen. Two images show CCSE members celebrating their climb and the central image shows all the members on the bus leaving Campsie Glen

The walks were punctuated with long, meandering chats between members about anything and everything: there were several conversations about future research paths and collaborations but as people started to unwind the was much more variety, with overheard conversations about sailing boats, Elden Ring, and Will Smith at the Oscars. The opportunity to spend a day with colleagues but not actively working on research was a welcome diversion, and the group on the bus back to Glasgow was tired but happy.

A collage of three images of CCSE members at Campsie Glen. The members are sitting or standing at various points on their climb.

Although scheduled events concluded on Thursday, the CCSE Festival continued into Friday to round out the week with several more meetings, chats and discussions among members from the previous days. Members have reported feeling encouraged and reinvigorated in their research with many new ideas forming from the extensive information sharing and discussion.

CCSE members lying in a circle, with their heads pointing to the middle, on Campsie Glen

First published: 31 March 2022