Seminar by Jack Parkinson: Spatial Skills Training

Published: 14 September 2020

Jack presents a summary of his previous work in spatial skills training and solicits advice on data collection for a large scale project beginning in the new semester.

DATE: 14th September 2020
TIME: 13:00-14:00
LOCATION: Quintin’s Zoom Room

Last year I ran a spatial skills training course for computing students who scored below a certain threshold in a spatial skills test. The course took place over five weeks and consisted of mainly drawing exercises and multiple-choice questions divided into weekly workbooks. Feedback on the course was positive and we observed some interesting results, particularly noting that the CS1CT students who took the training showed a marked improvement over their peers who didn’t.

Inspired by that work, some peers at another institution got in touch to request use of our course to implement spatial skills training for their computing students. They have about 1000 students who will all be expected to take the spatial skills training as part of their introductory computing module. Since running the course last year, it has been moved to a bespoke online training platform.

First published: 14 September 2020