ICER Conference Award Winning Paper Reprinted in ACM Inroads

Published: 1 March 2019

A paper receiving the Chair's Award (Best in Conference) at the ICER Conference 2018 has been reprinted in ACM Inroads, a Computing Science Education magazine.

Every year ACM Inroads, the ACM's Computing Science Education magazine, reprints award winning papers from ACM Computing Science Education conferences. This year a paper written by CCSE members Jack Parkinson and Quintin Cutts has been reprinted after receiving the Chair's Award at the ICER Conference 2018. The paper, Investigating the Relationship between Spatial Skills and Computer Science, received excellent reviews and a warm response from attendees of the conference.

The Chair's Award is awarded to the paper which, "Best illustrates the highest standards of empirical commuting education research, taking into account the quality of its questions asked, methodology, analysis, writing, and contribution to the field."

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First published: 1 March 2019