Why have academics as student advisers?

The School of Computing Science is reviewing its advising provision.  Given the challenge of getting the academic staff all together to discuss this, there has been much email discussion on this topic.  Much of it has centred on whether we need academics at all as advisers - and so this session aims to tease out the purposes (if any) for having academics take on this role.

Certainly, we in CS are noting that much of what we are currently doing as advisers is hiding any chance of academic or pastoral discussion e.g. endless queries on MyCampus and timetabling clashes, for which we are little more than a switchboard.  Do we get little of the deeper discussion because students don’t want to discuss those matters, or because they believe that all we’re there for is to get MyCampus problems fixed?  Who knows?!  

We have already decided in the School that we will be putting in place new administrative structures to handle the tedious but necessary mechanical queries on MyCampus / timetabling / etc.  We’re pretty confident that academics are not needed for this!

Shifting away from such tasks gives us a chance to explore more fully what our academic/pastoral advising role is or could be. 

Please come along and add your view to the mix, or if not that, then just to listen in on the discussion.

Location: University of Glasgow, Sir Alwyn Willaims Building, Seminar Room 423

First published: 18 February 2019