CCSE Reading Group: Discussing "Computational Thinking in Introductory Physics", Orban & Teeling-Smith

Published: 14 December 2020

Reading and discussion of "Computational Thinking in Introductory Physics" by Orban & Teeling-Smith

DATE: 14th December 2020
TIME: 13:00-14:00
LOCATION: Quintin’s Zoom Room

The discussion in CCSE around papers is very often focussed on critiquing the paper or chapter itself. This is not really why I or others pick these papers/chapters. A major point of a reading group, beyond the paper itself, is to consider how the paper is relevant to each of us, to our practice, to our thinking and conceptualisation of the subject, and also how it might influence the focus and operation of the CCSE more widely. Hence, please do focus on the questions below this week, as follows, in order of importance:
  • How does this paper influence/challenge your own thinking about the subject?
  • Could/should it influence the thinking/direction of the CCSE more broadly?
  • Could it affect your practice (research or teaching) in any way?
Paper reference: Orban, C.M. and Teeling-Smith, R.M. (2020) Computational Thinking in Introductory Physics, Physics Teacher 58:247, https:/

First published: 14 December 2020