Papers, Publications and Awards

Journal articles

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'Globalisation and the (Mis)Governance of Nations',  S. Ghosal, A. Blouin and S. Mukand


Working Papers

New working paper by BSI member: 'The Changing Returns to Crime: Do Criminals Respond to Prices?' by Mirko Draca, Theodore Koutmeridis and Stephen Machin,



ESRC Impact Grant - Dr Theodore Koutmeridis, BSI Co-Convenor

Theo's research focuses on the margins of society where disadvantage interacts with labor market inequality, educational opportunity, the law and the economics of crime. He examines behaviour and innovation in real neighbourhoods and in the digital economy, while using data and empirical methods he targets to evidence-based policy interventions. The proposed project will provide policy makers, media and industry professionals with the latest findings related to evidence on copyright, allowing better navigation in a contested policy field.