Dr Margaret Sutherland was keynote speaker at the OEZBF congress in Salzburg, Austria. The Austrian Research and Support Centre for the Gifted and Talented is the national institution for the further development of gifted education and the promotion of excellence in Austria. It supports persons, institutions and initiatives promoting young people’s talents.It was established in 1999 and is financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education and Women’s Affairs, and the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. 

Margaret spoke about  the role of gifted education in inclusion, equity and quality.   Her  presentation  considered the place of gifted education within the Education for All framework.   It explored what inclusive, equitable and quality education might look like for those described as gifted and examined what this might mean for teachers, policy makers and education systems.  She argued that if education is to support the future workforce, foster innovation and generate stable and more prosperous societies then it is with some urgency that we need to consider how gifted education will contribute to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and the promotion lifelong learning for all by 2030.


Margaret Sutherland OEZBF