Postgraduate taught 

Psychological Science, Research Methods of MSc

Resources and facilities

Resources and facilities

We use a variety of specialised equipment for capturing the behavioural activity of participants in experiments. This can be either for generating experimental stimuli, or for recording behavioural responses in a laboratory setting or through a web survey.

Recording the body
We use a dedicated Motion Capture Suite comprising 12 F40 Vicon Cameras for recording precise 3D body movements.

Recording the face
A Dimensional Imaging 4D capture system is used to capture 3D facial animation sequences using passive stereo photogrammetry.

Recording the eyes
Eye movements can be followed remotely using our SR Research EyeLink 2000 Desktop System.

Recording neural activity
The CCNi houses state-of-the-art imaging equipment for measuring brain activity. Facilities include dedicated fMRI, MEG, EEG, and TMS systems.

• fMRI lab:
3 Tesla Tim Trio Siemens scanner
Nordic Neuro Lab System (NNL)  stimulus presentation and eye tracking system.

 MEG lab:
4D-Neuroimaging Magnes 3600 WH (248 sensors) MEG system
Optotrak Certus motion capture system
Applied Science Laboratories (ASL) LRO-6 eye tracking system
Digital Projection dVision 1080p Projector

• EEG lab:
Biosemi Active 2 (128-channel) EEG system

• TMS lab:
Magstim Bistim Module
Magstim Super rapid2
Frameless stereotaxy system (Neuronaviagor): Brainsight
TMS- and fMRI-compatible EEG amplifier: 64 channel BrainVision BrainAmp MR plus
EMG amplifier: Cambridge Electronics Design 1401 data acquisition system and 1902 amplifiers