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Media, Communications & International Journalism MSc

What our students say

What our students say

Sheisa Sastaviana Sudrajat, Indonesia (2016-17)

Photo of Sheisa, student on the Media communications and International Journalism MSc'It has been the best decision to study at the University of Glasgow. The programme offers a wide-range of courses, from sociology to politics, which got me very much interested in many journalism activities I could be doing in the future. I find it interesting that I can have an option to choose whether I will undertake a dissertation or individual journalism project to do during the summer time as part of the final assessment for my degree. Core courses such as Researching audiences and the media and Media, communications, and journalism: Criticism and theory have given me the concept of textual analysis and critical thinking in the era of digital media. Optional courses I took, such as Media and democracy and Internet and civil society, have pointed me to a new perspective on the consequences of new media into politics. In order to support the Practical journalism course, students have access to Adobe Creative software, studio- and audio visual equipment.

For an international student studying in the UK there is an extensive range of academic support in order to help students get the best of their grades. I took an English Academic Writing class throughout the semester. I tried to take advantage of the various opportunities offered by the University to develop my skills. In addition to the learning process in the classroom, I was also given the opportunity to participate in different activities and seminars such as careers talks, interdisciplinary seminars and reading group which are very useful to support my soft skills. The most memorable moment was at the beginning of the programme when I had a chance to visit BBC Scotland for their Autumn and Winter Season Launch 2016-17. It was such a privilege for me as I watched the first episode of the new series of Still Game, the incredibly famous Scottish sitcom.

Glasgow is the best city in Scotland for music scene and history, with excellent music venues and fantastic gigs throughout the year. I’m a big fan of Glaswegians because they are friendly, funny, and always look for chance to make other people laugh. Glasgow is a very special city with beautiful parks, lovely museums, and eccentric accent. Studying here has made me feel even happier. And also, the architecture of the university's main building is just completely fascinating!'

Stephanie Docherty (2015-16)

'I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2014 with a Law Degree and began working for Scottish Television (STV). I chose this programme because I wanted to study a postgraduate degree in media of some kind but I was not interested in one that was purely practical. The greatest thing about this degree is that I was taught practical skills along with media theory, which made the year much more interesting and makes the programme itself unique.

Since I started studying in September I have been working in the news department within STV. The University of Glasgow is highly regarded and the fact that I was studying an MSc in Media, Communications and Practical Journalism there meant I was taken seriously. During my time working in STV I have become a regular production journalist on Scotland Tonight, their current affairs show, and was even given the opportunity to be a location producer during STV’s live coverage of the Scottish Parliament Election in May 2015, a role I believe would not have been possible without participation in this programme.'

Jessie Jacob (2015-16)

'My decision to leave India and come to Glasgow to study at the University of Glasgow was specifically because of the course. Most postgraduate degrees usually focus on one aspect of a particular industry but this course gave us the option to decide what facet we would be most interested in.

Previously, I had taken a diploma in Journalism but I wanted to learn more, and the practical aspect of this course really attracted me.  Some of the best things about this degree were the range of ideas and practical skills we were given the opportunity to experience.  One of my favourite classes was the Practical Journalism course which helped us look at all the different areas of Journalism (radio, broadcast, newspaper and the web).

I would definitely recommend this programme to any student who is serious about entering the Media field in either a practical or a more academic discipline. Glasgow in general is a very student-friendly place and the environment within our class with a range of students from all over the world also added to my satisfaction with the degree.'

Lewis Thomson, UK (2015-16)

'Having graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2014 with an English Language degree, I was keen to develop my academic interest in the sociological theories of media and communications, while also developing my practical journalism skills. Having thoroughly enjoyed my time at Glasgow as an undergraduate, I was confident that the course would live up to my expectations, providing top quality teaching and facilities, and in this respect it has not disappointed. 

This is unique in the way in which it strikes a balance between theory and practice, creating an environment which is intellectually stimulating, while also providing access to an excellent selection of high-profile guest lecturers, and state of the art equipment. The programme can be tailored towards individual interests with the option of additional courses in politics, criminology and sociology. It also incorporates a course on the methods of social research which will prove invaluable for those students taking the dissertation or practical project options.

Over the year I have developed skills in print, online, television and radio journalism which are essential to a career in the industry. I have been offered the chance to engage in fieldwork, learning to operate audio/visual recording equipment, and the latest industry-standard software packages.  As students we have the opportunity to demonstrate our newfound skills and evaluate our performances in practical group exercises.  Given the expertise of those running the course, I have every confidence that the practical aspects of the curriculum will be reviewed year-by-year in order to remain up-to-date and reflect the ever-changing media ecology. The programme provides everything you would expect based upon the University of Glasgow’s excellent reputation. I firmly believe that the skills that I am currently developing are highly relevant and will stand me in good stead in my future endeavours.'