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International Strategic Marketing MSc

What our students say

What our students say

Georgia-Maria Arvaniti, Greece (2012-13)

'As part of studying International Strategic Marketing, I had the opportunity to attend stimulating lectures and tutorials, cooperate with students from all over the world; some of whom I am still good friends with today and work with on real-world case studies and projects. From my experience as marketing manager I would say that the learnings and qualifications I got from this MSc were extremely useful for my career on multiple levels. My company entered a market where there was already strong competition, however the degree’s focus on distinct branding and powerful marketing communication allowed us to become established as the industry leaders within just a few months. Additionally, the multicultural environment of the degree, in terms of staff and the student body, facilitated my daily cooperation with my international colleagues and the preparation for the expansion into new markets. Overall, I would recommend this programme to any aspiring marketer who wants to obtain contemporary marketing skills, improve their independent and strategic thinking but at the same time enjoy the ride in a truly amazing city!'

Marketing Manager, (Athens, Greece), 2018

Jorge Andrés Vélez Muñoz, Colombia (2012-13)

'Reflecting on my experience during my stay in Glasgow, it was an interesting opportunity for learning, development and collaborative work. My work was supported by experienced, well qualified and research active teaching staff that I shared with a highly diverse and multicultural student body. I was able to understand marketing in a systemic way that could allow me to holistically apply it within organisations. Currently, I am a full-time teacher and researcher at CEIPA Business School (Medellín, Colombia) with a focus on digital marketing and e-commerce. International Strategic Marketing gave me in depth knowledge on these topics and allows me to continue establishing new frontiers of knowledge through applied research. I could not have achieved what I did if I had not trained in Glasgow at the Adam Smith Business School.'

Teacher and researcher, CEIPA Business School (Medellín, Colombia), 2018

Michaela Haug, Germany (2015-16)

'International Strategic Marketing instantly appealed to me due to its international design and great variety of courses. Today, I can say that the programme truly fulfilled my expectations in several ways. The focus on real examples and cases forced me to familiarise with industries and companies I would otherwise never have come across. Although challenging in the beginning, I soon began to like this aspect of the programme. It trained my mind to think of the right questions to ask to get an overview quickly. The most important aspect in my eyes were the international participants and the strong focus on group work. I have never worked in such an international environment before. My fellow students came from Canada, China, Malaysia, Hungary, Switzerland, Scotland and many other countries. Every week, I learned about different cultures, languages, and ways of working - but also about myself. In this way, I gained a deeper understanding of other cultures, while reflecting on my own background and identity. I am very grateful for having chosen this degree, as it is taught me much more than the curriculum could have promised.'

Consultant at McKinsey & Company (Munich, Germany), 2018

Denitsa Lukanova, Bulgaria (2016-17)

'It was a very intense but satisfying year in terms of the knowledge and experience I gained. It was challenging, but graduating with a distinction is so satisfying. It gave me the right skill set and foundation for a good career in marketing. The skills I learned will be useful in my career and helped me gain a job at Coventry University as a project sponsor officer with marketing responsibilities.' 2017

Siranush Sargsian, Armenia (2016-17)

'Glasgow is all about people, which was the best part of my experience. All of the lecturers, tutors and students are professionals of an advanced level, with whom you can share and exchange knowledge and information with. When I left my home country I was employed as a project manager in a global brand company. My year at the University of Glasgow was a springboard towards career enhancements. International Strategic Marketing made me a different person, and transformed me into an international level professional and opened new doors for me. The courses on the programme are designed to provide a profound knowledge, not only in marketing but in business overall, showing us how to think instead of what to think. If I had to do it again, I would definitely relive my year at the University of Glasgow!'

COO at Reebok Sports Club Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia), 2017