Postgraduate taught 

Inclusive Education: Research, Policy & Practice MEd

Background and aims

Background and aims

This highly successful programme has continued to attract both national and international students.  Consistently rated as excellent, this programme brings together students and researchers with an interest in Inclusive/Special education. The international community is seeking to develop inclusive equitable and quality education for all by 2030. This programme offers students the opportunity to consider how this will be achieved. A highlight for both international and Scottish students is the opportunity to work together as they seek to support all learners.

Is this programme for you? 
This programme is for educators (pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary levels) who are interested in better supporting learners with special educational needs in an inclusive framework.  

Introductory reading 
If you have a chance to do some reading before beginning this programme the following book will be useful as background:-
Lewis, A. and Norwich, B. (2005) Special teaching for children?: pedagogies for inclusion England: McGraw-Hill International.

What will you get from this programme? 

By the end of the programme you will gain

  • Knowledge and understanding of inclusive/special education grounded in contemporary research, theory and pedagogy
  • The ability to analyse critically recent developments in both education and wider culture in order to interrogate assumptions underpinning concepts of inclusive/special education
  • The ability analyse critically institutional, regional and governmental policies related to inclusive/special education and associated pedagogies
  • Knowledge and understanding that allows them to interrogate their own practice in the context of research, theory and policy in inclusive/special education
  • Practise in dealing with complex issues related to the field of special/inclusive education so that they can actively contribute to the research, policy and practice agenda.