Postgraduate taught 

Clinical Pharmacology MSc(MedSci)



The programme is made up of nine compulsory courses of 20 credits each plus a dissertation/project of 60 credits in order to fulfil the requirements of a Master's degree.

The nine courses are:

  • Principles of Pharmacology
  • Drug Disposition
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Topics in Therapeutics: General Topics and Cardiovascular Drugs
  • Topics in Therapeutics: Commonly Used Drugs
  • Medical Statistics 1
  • Medical Statistics 2
  • Pharmacogenomics & Molecular Medicine: Fundamentals of Molecular Medicine
  • Pharmacogenomics & Molecular Medicine: Applied Pharmacogenomics & Molecular Medicine


For the Master's component, there will be a dissertation that will take the form of an independent piece of work in which the student selects a relevant topic of interest and carries out either a laboratory-based or library/clinical data-based investigation in order to produce a report demonstrating in-depth , critical understanding and evaluation of the topic. The research project is examined internally and by an external examiner. The dissertation is worth 60 credits.

Topic of the Week

Each week, one or two students will take their turn to prepare and present material in a Topic of the Week session. It is intended that each presenter will give an overview of the topic, including a summary of the pharmacological features of the subject, and then lead a discussion among their classmates of the key aspects/controversies of the topic. These sessions are designed to further develop the research, communication and critical appraisal skills of each presenter, and to promote engagement with current issues in pharmacology and medical science amongst the class as a whole.