Postgraduate taught 

Children's Literature & Literacies MEd

What our students say

What our students say

Emily Maksymiuk (2017-18)

Student   "I've always been passionate about Children's Literature and I've taken part in many book clubs, creative projects, and volunteer work, but upon graduating with my MEd in Children's Literature and Literacies, I was able to get my dream job as the Director of a nonprofit organisation which provides free books and literacy programmes to underserved children. I feel like I'm living my happily ever after. Not only did having this Master's help me stand out as a uniquely qualified candidate, but every day, I use skills that I developed in the courses - from using critical theories, selecting texts for diversity, and conducting quantitative data analysis - to further the mission of my organisation and help more kids fall in love with reading and become the heroes in their own stories." 

Parinita Shetty (2016-17)

Parinita Shetty  "Nothing will beat my everyday excitement of getting to study children's literature for a year. I suppose I worked hard for the degree, but not one second of it felt like work. Not even for the projects I complained about. Every single thing I read, all the lectures I attended, all the essays (and dissertation!) I wrote, and all the conversations and discussions and debates I had just reinforced the absolute delight and gratitude and general how-am-I-being-allowed-to-do-this-awesome-thing-ness I felt at being able to spend a year studying something I love. I feel so lucky I got to immerse myself in children's literature in a way that has changed and shaped the way I think about books and about the world. The fact that I got to do it in such an incredible place surrounded by such spectacularly kind and clever people only makes me feel like I really do have ‘Anne Shirley’ (from Green Gables) level of luck."


Libby Nelson (2014-15)

Libby Nelson  "The programme helped me combine my interests in children, literature and social issues. The courses were a great foundation for understanding both historical and current trends in children's literature, and the dissertation gives you a chance to really specialise in a topic you care about. I enjoyed the programme so much that with support from the lecturers, professors and course leader, I went on to a funded PhD research position in children's literature."