4th RASOR Outreach Event at Ardgour House 2010

Published: 19 June 2009

The 4th RASOR Outreach Event at Ardgour House took place 20th-24th September 2010

The 4th RASOR (7th EMSG) Outreach Event took place on 20th-24th September 2010 at Ardgour House near Fort William.  RASOR PIs, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students interacted with representatives from Industry and other International bodies in a week long programme that included scientific presentations mainly of an interdisciplinary nature as well as team-building and social activities. 

The 3rd RASOR Outreach event at Ardgour, Sept 09

25 Attendees

students, academics,
industry, government scientists

International participation

USA,  Netherlands,
France, Germany,

Meeting report - Feb 2010

(Expert Rev. Proteomics 7(1), 19–20 (2010)

For more information on this annual event, including offers of support for future events, please contact:

Richard Goodwin (Organiser) Tel: +44 141 330 8614 or
Jillian Bryce (Administrator) Tel: +44 141 330 6600.

First published: 19 June 2009

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