Xin Yang


Room 520, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

University of Glasgow | G12 8QQ



Research title: A tool for scientific governance? The historical geography of China’s Arctic research station

Research Summary

This project focuses on the historical geography of the Arctic in China, specifically using Chinese polar observatories as crucial sites for research to understand how knowledge about the 'Arctic' and 'climate change' is produced, circulated and consumed in Chinese contexts.

In line with the global nature of climate change, historians of climate science are focusing on the circulation of local scientific knowledge across the world network of scientific observatories. Meteorological observatories are important sites for the production, circulation and consumption of scientific knowledge and data and act as important nodes for understanding climate change in the Earth system. This research considers China's scientific practice in the Arctic in this global context, connecting Chinese observatories in the Arctic to broader national and international histories of polar science, science diplomacy, and cultural history. It also roots China's recent interest in polar science in traditional Chinese cosmology and geographical imagination. 



  • Sir Alwyn Williams Postgraduate Scholarship [£716]
  • School of Geographical & Earth Sciences conference support [£546]


University of Glasgow - The China Scholarship Council (CSC) Co-operative Scholarship [2022-2026]


RGS-IBG HGRG: Practising Historical Geography Conference and 50th Anniversary, UK (November 9 - 10, 2023)

"Historical Geography of Science: A New Perspective", Speaker, International Symposium for STS Junior Scholars, China (30 Dec. 2023)  



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Geography-1 Labs                    Demonstrator

Geography-2 Qualitative Labs   Demonstrator