MD Tanzib Ehsan Sanglap


Room: 607, Desk: 07

Rankine Building

Oakfield Ave, Glasgow G12 8LT



Research title: Transient simulation of triboelectric nanogenerators considering surface roughness

Research Summary

Research Interest: 

  • Triboelectric Nano-generator(TENG)
  • Finite Element Modeling(FEM)
  • Green Energy Harvesting
  • Piezoelectric Devices
  • Tribological Surfaces

Ongoing Research:

  • Transient Simulation of Triboelectric Nano-Generators Considering Surface Roughness

The world is edging closer to a reality where smart devices can use their owners as an energy resource. In this regard, TENG steps ahead because these energy-harvesting devices can utilize contact electrification and electrostatic induction to transform kinetic energy into electricity. But to accelerate the process, an accurate analytical (i.e. FEM) approach need to be developed to withstand complex TENG problems and we also need a reliable tool to accelerate the design, optimisation and prototyping process of modern TENG.

So, this research aims to improve the characteristics of TENG by developing an accurate non-linear and time-dependent Finite Element Model considering the coupling of Solid Mechanics, surface roughness and material behaviour in contact interfaces.  To achieve this, the project will set to develop a novel computational framework based on the finite element method using the capabilities of MoFEM

Research Group: 

  • Glasgow Computational Engineering Center (GCEC)
  • MOFEM Developers 




  • Grants/Scholarships:

    • Russian Government/ Federal Grant(2018-2022), Moscow, Russia.
    • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission Scholarship 2018-2022, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • OIC Scholarship(2012-2016), IUT, Dhaka, Bangladesh 


  • Investigation Of The Effect Of Vibration Frequency On Surface Roughness During The Milling Process Of Preheated Mild Steel Plate- 7th BSME ICTE-2016