Maria Arvaniti

Research title: Otherworlds on Stage: Interweaving Dramaturgies in Fairy Fantasies

Research Summary

Marita’s research will provide a dramaturgical analysis of theatre in contemporary fantasy novels of the 20th and 21st centuries, focusing specifically on fantasy novels that revolve around Faerie, their stage adaptations, and original fantasy theatre productions of the same period. Her dramaturgical lens will provide a new vocabulary through which to approach the study of fantasy literature and Fantasy Theatre alike and reveals a hitherto understudied rich transmedial dialogue between the two.

Marita’s research interests include (but are not limited to):

- Theatre Studies

- Fantasy Theory

- Folk Horror

- Adaptation Theory

- Inter- Para- and Metatextuality in Fantasy Literature

- Ancient Greek Drama in Performance


M. Arvaniti. (2020) Review of We Don’t Go Back: A Watcher’s Guide to Folk Horror (2018), by Howard David Ingham. Fantastika Journal, Volume 4, Issue 1: After Fantastika, pp 139-142.

M. Arvaniti. (2019) ‘All the Stars Are Closer: Estrangement, Recognition, and N. K. Jemisin’s The Stone Sky’. Review of The Stone Sky, by N. K. Jemisin. Fantastika Journal, Volume 3, Issue 1: Performing Fantastika, pp 155-157

M. Arvaniti. (2020) ‘Holding a Wossname Up to Fantasy: Staging Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters’. Fantasy Arts and Studies, Issue 8: Tribute to Terry Pratchett, pp 78-84 []

M. Arvaniti. (2019) Wilson’s Carnivalesque Caravan. Fantastika Journal. []


Eleftheria Barka Grant. 2020-2021. €6,000. Grant offered to people from the Municipality of Ioannina who are currently pursuing a HE degree abroad, mainly used to cover tuition fees and provide a small stipend.


- ‘Stage the Future III: Third International Academic Conference on Science Fiction Theatre’ organised by Dr Christos Callow Jr (University of Derby), Dr Andriana Domouzi (Royal Holloway, University of London); Marita Arvaniti (PhD Candidate, University of Glasgow); the theatre company Cyborphic and the London Science Fiction Research Community. Presented paper ‘Waiting for Godric: Crossing fantasy thresholds through the stage’. 6-7 December 2019.

- ‘Embodying Fantastika’ at the University of Lancaster. Presented paper ‘Huge Clay and Creeping Shadows: Fantasy Houses and the Bodies That Move Them’. 8-10 August 2019.

- ‘Gothic Spectacle and Spectatorship’ at the University of Lancaster. Presented paper ‘Staging the Gothic in the 21st Century: The Monk in Skrow Theatre’. 1 June 2019.

- ‘After Fantastika’ at the University of Lancaster. Presented paper ‘Rusting Earthfires: Climate Fiction, Anthropocene, and The Fifth Season’s Apocalypses’. 6-7 July 2018.

- ‘Glasgow International Fantasy Conversations’ at the University of Glasgow. Presented paper ‘Near, Far, Wherever She’s Not: Gendered Escapism through Metatextual Faerie’. 26-27 April 2018.

Additional Information


Publicity Officer for Fantastika Journal

Organisational Committees

Member of the Glasgow International Fantasy Conversations committee from Autumn 2017 to the present.

Member of the Stage the Future III Conference organizational committee