Casey Moore




Research title: Archiving oral histories in the wake of 21st century mass shootings

Research Summary


My PhD research investigates how US institutions use oral history to ethically document experiences of gun violence in the 21st century. I am using the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as a case study and expanding the Niner Nation Remembers oral history repository of the April 30th, 2019 campus shooting into a longitudinal study. By interviewing previous narrators and adding new interviewees to the project, my research investigates how oral history narratives represent a community's collective memory and activism in the wake of tragedy. 



Crisis oral history, mass shooting, trauma, archiving, radical empathy


National Council on Public History, Working Group 2022
Trauma Informed Practices in Teaching with Primary Sources in a Public History Setting
  • Worked with archivists and public historians to create content surrounding traumatic collections and their use within public history settings. 


National Council on Public History, Scheduled Panelist 2020
'Documenting Campus Tragedy: An Ongoing Case Study'
  • Presentation on the Niner Nation Remembers work at UNC Charlotte with Katie Howell, Tina Wright and Tyler Cline.

Additional Information

 Niner Nation Remembers Oral History Project, 2019-2020
  • Conducted 25 interviews for this repository documenting reactions and responses to the April 30th campus shooting at UNCC.
 Historic West End Digital Project, 2018 
  • Conducted interviews and created metadata for this digital project on Charlotte’s historic West End. The project houses oral history clips and digitized primary sources on a historic map overlay.
Taboo Tar Heels Digital Project, 2017
  • Digital project detailing thesis research and primary sources on black white interracial relationships in North Carolina’s Piedmont.