Cameron Maclean

Research title: The Anglo-Scottish Monetary Union (1604-1707)

Research Summary

The Anglo-Scottish Monetary Union (1604-1707)

King James VI/I established a monetary union between his kingdoms of Scotland and England in 1604. Each kingdom was to produce interchangeable coins of the same standard, weight and comparative value. This arrangement, while undergoing significant development, arguably remained in place until 1707. My PhD will study the history of this monetary union with the aim of determining how closely Scottish and English authorities cooperated to implement and uphold it and how effectively it was maintained throughout its existence. This will ultimately provide a new perspective on Anglo-Scottish relations and economic integration during the Union of the Crowns (1603-1707).




SGSAH AHRS Doctoral Training Partnership Studentship, 2021-2025. 


'The Engravers of James VI's 9th Scottish Coinage (1605-1609)' at the XVI International Numismatic Congress, University of Warsaw, 11-16 September 2022.

'The Coinage of Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1567)' at the Higher History Conference, University of Glasgow, 3 September 2022.

Additional Information

Academic Awards 

The David Berry Prize, awarded by the Royal Historical Society (2022).

The First Marquis of Montrose Award for Scottish Studies, awarded by the University of Glasgow on behalf of the Duke of Montrose (2019).

The George Neilson Prize, awarded by the University of Glasgow (2018).

The David Kerr Thom Memorial Prize, awarded by the University of Glasgow (2015).

Museum Exhibit Contributions

Chasing the Jacobite Dream, The Hunterian (Forthcoming)

The Afterlife of Mary Queen of Scots, The Hunterian (14 October 2022 - 5 February 2023)

'Anarchy'? Coinage of King Stephen's Reign, The Hunterian (17 September - 15 December 2019)