Amanda Fauziah

School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow
Crichton University Campus, Maxwell House Building, Dumfries, DG1 4ZH


Research title: Authenticity and Geotourim Experience in UNESCO Global Geopark for Destination Distinctiveness

Research Summary

Research Interest

My research interest is in the field of Creative tourism, Authentic experience, Destination identity and branding, Geopark, Tourism entrepreneurship, and Rural tourism


Current Research

Tourist and Tourism Supplier Expectations of Authenticity of Creative Experience in Indonesian Geopark for Destination Distinctiveness: Study on Batur UGGp and Rinjani-Lombok UGGp

  • The overall research aim of this study is to assess tourists’ and tourism suppliers’ expectation of authenticity of creative experiences as means to enhance the destination distinctiveness and sustainable development of the Batur UGGp and Rinjani UGGp.
  • The proposed study will provide a significant contribution to the literature in the field of authenticity and creative tourism, particularly since the research on authenticity and creativity through the use of visual approach has rarely been investigated from the supply and demand side. 
  • Methodologically, the thesis offers an innovative methodological approach that combines the application of the concept of photo elicitation together from the researcher and the respondents point of view.
  • The proposed study will serve as a baseline for tourism suppliers who can derive insights from the findings into practical guidelines in order to develop engaging creative experiences in the destination. The finding could be applied for the development of an authentic creative tourism toolkit detailing best practices on how to create creative experiences in the geopark-based context.




The Indonesian Education Scholarship (LPDP)
Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia
2022 - 2026

Sustainable Tourism Development (Short Course)
Australia Award in Indonesia
2018 - 2019

Additional Information

I joined the School of Interdisciplinary Studies as PGR in Tourism in October 2022. Before joining the University of Glasgow for my PhD study, I have completed my Master’s Degree in Design (M.Ds) from Bandung Institute of Technology, 2016.