Smith Around the World lecture series unites global expertise

Published: 17 February 2023

Leading experts at the world’s most prestigious universities will discuss Adam Smith’s legacy during his tercentenary, through the University of Glasgow led Smith Around the World lecture series.

Leading experts at some of the world’s most prestigious universities will celebrate and discuss Adam Smith’s legacy during his tercentenary, through the University of Glasgow led Smith Around the World lecture series.

Over the course of 2023, places of learning across the globe will undertake their own events to mark the 300th anniversary of the famous Scot’s birth.

Academics and economists will explore themes related to Adam Smith as Educator, Citizen and Scholar, considering the public and academic impact of Smith’s ideas in today’s society.

The inaugural lecture took place in Indore, India, on 10 January at the Indian Institute of Management.

This marked the start of a series that will see lectures happening at universities in Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, the West Indies, Barcelona, Canberra, Mexico City, Toulouse, Hong Kong, Oxford, Nairobi, London, and at Duke and McGill universities.

The next lecture in the series will be hosted by the Chicago Booth School of Business and delivered by Sam Peltzman, Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the Booth School of Business, on 17 February.

Professor Peltzman will discuss the history of the Chicago School of Economics, reflecting on commonalities between Adam Smith's thinking and the Chicago School, and common public misunderstandings of each. The conversation will be moderated by IGM Co-Director Eric Budish.

Professor Peltzman said: “I am deeply honoured to participate in the University of Glasgow’s celebration of Adam Smith’s birthday. Of course, he had an enduring influence on economics and economic policy. His work is perhaps more relevant today than any time since I first encountered it.”

Professor Graeme Roy, Dean of External Relations at the University of Glasgow, said: “Smith Around the World is an excellent opportunity for us to connect and engage international peers in celebrating the work, life and impact of our famous alumnus, and to bring Adam Smith into the conversations we are having around the globe about the challenges we all face today.

“Our inaugural event in Indore has already demonstrated how different countries will bring their own perspectives and conversations to bear around Smith’s ideas. This will be further explored by Professor Peltzman, who intends to discuss misinterpretations of Smith in American politics, and his relevance in modern economics.

“We hope that the learning will continue to inform thinking and policy and across the world, with regards to Smith and beyond.”

Upcoming lectures in the coming weeks will take place at the University of Oxford, the Australian National University and Duke University.


First published: 17 February 2023