UofG joins beLAB1407 bridge partnership

Published: 22 November 2023

The University of Glasgow has joined beLAB1407 Bridge Partnership, in an expansion of its original $20 million project.

The University of Glasgow has joined beLAB1407 Bridge Partnership, in an expansion of its original $20 million project.

beLAB1407 was launched in 2021 with the Universities of Birmingham, Dundee, Edinburgh and Nottingham as founding partners to identify and advance novel and breakthrough drug discovery opportunities across therapeutic areas. Under the expanded beLAB1407 agreement, the Universities of Bristol and Glasgow as well as Queen Mary University of London will benefit from access to funding, expertise and drug discovery and development platforms spanning multiple disease areas and modalities.

beLAB1407 was created by Evotec and Bristol Myers Squibb to translate innovations from leading academic institutions in the UK. In joining, the University of Glasgow will further enhance its innovation eco-system for biomedical research, supporting the translation of scientific discoveries into real-world clinical settings.

Uzma Khan, Vice Principal of Economic Development and Innovation at the University of Glasgow said: “The University of Glasgow is delighted to be joining the beLAB1407 consortium, which will significantly enhance our ability to generate positive impact in the context of drug discovery and on patient care. This initiative is a hugely important addition to our innovation eco-system in Scotland for biomedical research. It will provide our researchers with access to valuable pharmaceutical industry expertise along with resources that can support the translation of disease-related scientific discoveries into value propositions that can attract investment for further pre-clinical and clinical development.”

beLAB1407 is one of Evotec’s global portfolio of BRIDGE partnerships. BRIDGEs provide an integrated fund and award framework to validate exciting academic projects in collaboration with Pharma companies and/or venture investors to develop first-in-class therapies that can form the basis of new biotech companies or out-licensing transactions.

Dr Thomas Hanke, EVP Head of Academic Partnerships at Evotec, commented: “UK universities are sources of proven high-quality research to elucidate new therapeutic targets, platforms and candidates. Each of our new university partners brings an impressive biomedical research track record to the table and -through beLAB1407- we look forward to supporting them building strong translational foundations for projects with the potential to yield first-in-class therapies that can positively impact patient care.”



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First published: 22 November 2023