Foreign Secretary delivers cyber-security speech at University

Published: 7 March 2019

Jeremy Hunt visited Cyber-Safety Lab at the School of Computing Science

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has delivered a major speech on "Deterrence in the Cyber Age" at the University of Glasgow.‌‌Jeremy Hunt with audience 650‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

He was welcomed by the Principal, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, and went on to tell a large audience: "Simply making it harder for our adversaries to inflict damage in cyberspace won’t be sufficient on its own. Nor will verbal condemnation or written agreements create the taboo we should seek for the manipulation of democratic elections."

Mtr Hunt added: "We need a strategy that deters hostile states from intervening in free elections in the first place, a new doctrine of deterrence against cyber attacks in our democracies."

In a question and answer session with media and members of the audience, Mr Hunt answered questions on a range of topics including Brexit, the Scottish IndyRef, cyber-security policy, immigration policy, post-study visas and support for the Scottish four-year degree.Jeremy Hunt with Principal 650

He also visited the Cyber Defence Lab led by Professor Chris Johnson, Head of the School of Computing Science, and met a group of computing students, including some international students. Professor Johnson gave the Foreign Secretary a demonstration of some of the most advanced cyber-security computer techniology.

First published: 7 March 2019

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