Edward Snowden installed as University Rector

Edward Snowden was inaugurated as Rector of the University of Glasgow at a ceremony held in the University’s Bute Hall today (23 April 2014).

Snowden installationThe Rector of the University of Glasgow is elected by the registered students of the University, and the main role of the Rector is to represent the University’s students. Mr Snowden takes over from the Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP and will hold the office for the next three years.

As part of the Rectorial installation, Mr Snowden presented his inaugural address via video link to staff and students.

Mr Snowden said: “Thank you to the students, the Students’ Representative Council and everyone who took part in the elections. I am disappointed I could not be here is person.

“In a democracy people have a right to know the policies of their government...this idea that if we believe in something we should stand up for it is what I will follow in my role as Rector of the University.”

Jess McGrellis, President of the University of Glasgow’s Students’ Representative Council, said: “Today marks the installation of Edward Snowden as Rector after overwhelming support from students in the election. We are happy that Mr Snowden was able to continue the tradition of addressing students at this installation.”

Under the Universities (Scotland) Act 1858, the Rector is the 'ordinary president' of Court, the University’s governing body.  The Rector shares the chairing of Court with the Convener of Court, a General Council representative (lay member) on Court.  (S)he is expected to attend meetings of Court (5 per year, in October, December, February, April and June) together with a one-day Strategy Day and two half-day briefings, to have a close relationship with the Students’ Representative Council, and to bring matters of student concern to the attention of the University's managers. Court is the University's governing body, responsible for overseeing the management of the University.  It has 25 members, drawn from the University's students and staff, from its graduates and from the wider community.  

Where a Rector is unable able to attend meetings of Court these are chaired by the Convenor of Court.

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First published: 23 April 2014

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